About Us

Ready Server pre-deployed hundreds of physical bare-metal server in Singapore data center, ready to be power up by customer in matter of seconds. We operate our own BGP4 multi-home network AS63930 with highly available Cisco switching network.

We believe compute and storage resource shall be made available in matters of seconds instead of days.

Due to the weakness in existing public cloud offering which is based on virtualization technology (vm/vps) provide inconsistent performance and lack of physical hardware isolation create security concerns.

Ready Server bare-metal cloud environment provide every customer physically isolated server, dedicated storage and dedicated VLAN in switching network thus provide greater security assurance to our customer.

Contact Information:

Ready Server Pte Ltd
(Company/GST Reg No:201500017K)
Dun And Bradstreet (DUNS number: 659230452)

SINGAPORE (187966)